Hi, I'm Anshie, a cosplayer from Germany. Thanks for visiting my page! :3
~ ♥ ~ Aerith hairstyle

Shingeki no DDR part II
This time formaly dressed!!!! :D Thanks for everyone who had fun with us!
photos taken by Saskia Jarosz
cosplayers: Anshie as Eren, San-Chi as Krista, Arenga as Erwin, Majin as Hanji and me as Levi
whitetigerfox: Omg!! About the video? Where did you guys shoot it at?? That place is beautiful!!!

Haha, thanks! ^^ It was recorded at several different places in Germany. In the states Hesse (central Germany) and Bavaria (south east Germany).

Anonymous: Your video is fabulous and you are beautiful yes hi :3

Thank you sooo much!!! I can’t express how happy me and the whole team is that people like our video. (>///<) (We’re going to celebrate that and get reeeeeeaaaally drunk! XD)

【Mikasa】: Mizukishou【Eren】: Anshie【Armin】: San-Chi【Levi】: Reika【Petra】: Chikako【Photo】: Chikara


Levi Rivaille from Attack On Titan a.k.a Shingeki No Kyujin CN Reika Arikawa &lt;3 if not mistaken , she took this photoshoot in French … 

It wasn&#8217;t in France, it was in Germany. XD